Weapons Class


Benefits of weapons training

  • Self-defense 
  • Understanding of safety and proper usage of weapons
  • Understand the damage it can cause to avoid it
  • Teaches children that weapons are not toys
  • Increases eye coordination, speed and reflexes


It is important to know how to defend yourself against individuals that use the common weapons such as sticks, staff, knives, guns, etc.
To some weapon training is scary or exciting since many marital artists use nunchucks, bow-staffs or swords but it is the reality.  In order to fully protect ourselves, we need to understand how to use weapons, how to defend ourselves from someone trying to use one and at the same time understand that it is an art.  

Basic weapons are introduced to our Martial Art classes at the Black Belt level.   Students learn the basic combinations, special forms and how to use weapons safety and appropriately.  They become better and wiser martial artists.